:: EVENT :: Anachronism 5702887 :: FREITAG 12. NOVEMBER 2019 ::

AK 5 € - sound at nine.

± Triebe
... Guten Morgen Sonnenschein.

± Mikael Tobias
... is a Canadian musician, composer, producer and sound artist currently based in Copenhagen, DK. His work explores the liminal space between conscious and unconscious resonance, using sonic architecture as an extension of the material environment. Blending organic instrumentation, digital manipulation and deconstructed elemental sound, Tobias creates an expanse where perception is constantly on the verge: just within grasp while slightly out of reach, simultaneously becoming and dissolving.

± Felix-Florian Tödtloff
... formerly »Sferics« - is a musician and producer from Berlin, Germany, mainly working in the realms of ambient and drone, mixing synthesizer pads, electric guitar and field recordings to lush, melancholic sound collages. He is part of experimental duos 'Magazine Magazine“ and 'The Old Dream of Symmetry' and leads the improvisational rock group 'Swoosh'.

± Difficult Music
.. know for the consistently versatile and exploring radio show 'Difficult Music for Difficult People sent from Hamburg open radio station, FSK DJ Difficult Music shares his incredible knowledge and extremely broad interests in music with more or less difficult people on the air or in the venue.

AK 5 € - sound at nine.

[Anachronism] Eine Plattform für Formen der musikalischen Ausuferung, inkonsistent kuratiert, mit drei bis vier Projekten pro Abend. Sie reichen von Improvisation bis zu konzeptueller Klangkunst, von experimentellen Klängen und fluiden Soundstrukturen bis Noise-Geballer.