Live 06. September 2022: Hure + Gibfum

digital punk | industrial techno | noise punk

Einlass: 19:00 :: Konzertbeginn: 20:00 :: VVK: 8€ (+ Gebühren + 1 ClubEuro FairTix-Spende | :: Abendkasse: 12€

HURE – “1-11_112///” – [Autonoma Industriale]

Thunderous squealing Power Electronics with textures and buried screams that do nothing to mitigate the horrific and appalling synaptic disturbance. Modulated frequencies, pulses, throbs, and white noise ejaculations. Not a wall of noise but structured, and perhaps composed expulsions of sound. “Hure” is German for “whore” though little more information can be coaxed from the sopping wet panties of the web with my pathetic grasp of the German language.

Also of note is the apparent use of theater during their copious live performances. It appears that the two members are clad in masks and bandages of duct tape while manipulating their hand made instruments that are strapped over their shoulder like guitars and may even utilize strings and magnetic pickups but are also festooned with electronic hardware like laptop keyboards and mysterious black boxes with cables spewing out of the sides like the proper post-apocalyptic horror show they appear to be. HURE is a viable and appropriate accompaniment to our modern cataclysm, slide in the cassette and imagine our listeners lurch, nod, and spasm as we embrace the End Times. :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


digital punk | industrial techno | noise punk ::


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