Nyghtbyrdz (NL)



Amsterdam (NL) 2009, M/s Stubnitz,” Slow Composition “, Surrounding Art Installation

” Slow Future “, Alterfuturist and Altercontemporary Art Manifestation and Presentation of the Slow Future Manifesto
100 years of the Futurist Manifesto
Curator : Pierre Mansire
Hosted by Anne Runge and Urs Blaser for Stubnitz
” Slow Composition ” : Surrounding Art Installation by Pierre Mansire
And Audio-Visual-Movement Art Performance by the Nyghtbyrdz ( Moor / Mansire / Thomas )
Action Lighting : Pierre Mansire
Assistant : Kaji Park
Music : Andy Moor ( The Ex )
Dance : Ema Nik Thomas

All about it : mansire.wordpress.com

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