Wiedereröffnung: Dienstag, 6.10.2020, 20 Uhr :: Anachronism 14930352

Wir sind mega froh unsere Gangway endlich wieder für euch öffnen zu können!
Allerdings müssen natürlich auch wir ein Hygienekonzept bereithalten. Tickets gibt es daher ausschließlich limitiert, personalisiert und nur im Vorverkauf, damit der gebotene Abstand und die Nachverfolgbarkeit gewährleistet werden kann. Die angebotenen Sitzplätze (Einzelsitze und Doppelsitze) werden vor Ort nach dem Prinzip „first-come, first choice“ aka „wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst“ vergeben. Unser Hygiene Konzept wird zweisprachig deutsch/englisch zur Verfügung gestellt. Also, nix wie los, Ticket(s) ordern und dafür Live-Sound bekommen. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

We are mega happy to finally open our gangway for you again!
But of course we also have to have a hygiene concept ready. Tickets are therefore limited, personalized and only available in advance to ensure the necessary distance and traceability. The offered seats (single and double seats) will be offered on site according to the principle 'first-come, first choice'. Our hygiene concept is provided bilingual in German and English. So, let's go, order ticket(s) and in return get live sound. We are very looking forward to you!

Anachronism 14930352 @ TixforGigs


It's happening again. Back with some anachronistic adventures for the fall season of 2020. We are relieved that all of our spring lineup is available for this season premiere and to make up for cancelled events we will keep it coming through November and December, so tell your crew and come have a listen.

doors 8 sound 9!

¬ KvT
.. are a duo that shape ephemeral soundscapes from the overlapping churn of single simple elements — voice, resonance, repetition, movement, memory. Having recently completed a tour in central Europe together with Agente Costura and Otolitos, they have become renowned for their ‘play anywhere’ approach, using battery-powered equipment to present work in any and all locations. This stripped-down palette has led to a singular focus on the worlds of sound that can be layered and stitched together from voices, loop pedals, layered resonance, and emergent drone — all undertaken with hand-carried amplifiers, that allow a spatialised, context-aware live presentation that never repeats the same way.

¬ David Wallraf
.⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼ⡸⡋﴾ۜ‗⡋ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ࣶᾮ࣬⃝ & Cologne, played in various punk & noise bands & organized events in even more various off-spaces.﴾ۜ‗۝ۭ۫ۘۛ⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼ⡸⡋ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ࣶᾮ࣬⃝⡱⢞˯˺͍̿̿͘͜͟͟͟͟͟˯˺͍̿̿̿̿̿̿̿͘͜͟͟͟͟͟░░░░░░░░░▓▓░░░░░₩チ﹆艹Ш☀░░░░░▓▓▒▒░░░░░▓▓▒▒░░░▓Reclocated to Hamburg in 2008. BA in musical sciences at University of Hamburg, MA in time-based media at HFBK. ⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱࣼCurrently working ۝ۭ۫ۘۛᴓۖ⚡on the PhD thesis Noise and the Limits of Hearing, the radio program agoRadio and ᴉࣨ꙱ࣶࣵࣵࣳ┘ࣶᾮ࣬⃝⡱⢞‡⁞ࣱࣶࣻ꙰ࣱࣨ꙲ࣱ꙱ࣶ࣯ࣵcurating the Noisexistance Festival. Lecturing on Noise, the history of ᾮ࣬⃝⡱electronic music & ’sound art‘ and the relations of sound and power.

¬ Sonic Glitch
.. nutzt live sounds und found footage, loopstation, Synthesizer, (Küchen)Maschinen und Toys. Stimme kommt auch vor.

¬ ERA GELDES // Ana Berkenhoff
»During my artistic career, I occupy a well-kept field of professions. Starting as an actress in classical theatre in Germany in 2000, I started to be a contemporary dancer beginning 2004, than went to study in Gießen (what is it?) end of 2004: an exploding contemporary theater department, I started working as a director and writer in a collective, studied dance again in 2007, then became a performer/actress due to some circumstances and a specific work in 2009, this proved handy in being a speaker of radio drama. Now, these experiences lead to much interference and inspiration! Now there are collaborations with directors I play and write for, after all I am mainly a actress/performer, singing for radio drama, directing scenic concerts for contemporary music ensembles, writing&performing immersive theatre, creating exhibitions and all kinds of colourful collaborations with artists and ensembles. Accelerating music in the UK now is very inspiring and did lead to many solo-sets and cooperations. Turn the radio on!«


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